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Human Resources Management Systems [ HRMS ]

Manage your HR using web-based tools

ITIS Starter Edition is software suitable for the companies that want to improve their HR Management using web-based tools.

It empowers HR department to manage the employee data through software and enable employees to use HR services like leave, complaints and request, expenses through electronic forms.

ITIS Starter Edition is suitable for companies of all sizes which are currently using paper-based systems or Excel based systems to manage their HR. Indeed it is the first step towards automation and modernization of your HR Department.


ITIS Performance Management System

Boost your Organizational Performance by continually improving Employee Performance

IOrganizations succeed when they continuously nourish the top performers and improve (or weed out) the poor performers. The big challenges of following this strategy are identifying the real performers, provide a competitive compensation to retain & motivate them and improve employee skills & competencies to maintain the business competitiveness.

ITIS Performance Management System can help you meet these big challenges of improving employee performance.


ITIS Professional Management System

Our professional edition helps to centralize the detailed employee information, automate leave application with enhanced Leave management and track system audit history. Professional Edition version 2.3 comes with more advanced features.


ITIS Manpower Planning Software

Manpower planning is a dynamic process which enables growth of an organization through optimized used of its most important asset - its employees. It is a process which defines staffing requirements & maintains the same through promotions & hiring of fresh talent.

ITIS Manpower Planning Software provides tool to restructure organizations to meet the requirements of business growth.

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