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IT strategic planning

    - Strategic IT planning for your small or medium sized business is important if you want your business to be successful. The right plan for your business should reduce operational costs, speed time to market, improve overall customer service, and be a budget-able investment that will grow with your business. Traditionally, larger companies hire CIOs to create a strategic IT plan, but that is typically too expensive for small and medium businesses. Instead, partner with an IT consulting service such as ITIS and gain the expertise and experience of multiple CIOs without footing the bill for even one.


    - In order to best use technology for strategic alignment, risks need to be defined and mitigated. Our strategic planning approach evaluates your organization’s near- and long-term requirements against market conditions, existing technologies, perceptions and attitudes, and capital and operating expense considerations to develop a path for acquiring and implementing technologies to support strategic objectives. Specific assistance includes:

  • Multi-year technology plans.
  • Business plans for community technology deployment (HR donations, management services organization development, etc.)
  • System design, integration, and architectural enhancements.
  • Technology assessment and risk-mitigation strategies.
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies and solutions.
  • Development of Internet and e-commerce strategies.
  • Evaluation and coaching of the IT function to attain goals.

    - Our planning processes are focused, participatory, and educational, resulting in a plan that is agreed upon by your organization and ready to be implemented.

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