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Implementation and Monitoring

Methodology & Approach

Information Technology Integrated Systems (ITIS) will apply its owned methodology that is used successfully in the previous consultation services projects including the planning, direction and control efforts that provided by our working team, which could be briefed in the following:

  • Complete surveillance and tracking of the technical work being completed, schedules, and the necessary resources to implement each phase.
  • Providing a high level of administrative follow-up through the periodic review and monitoring sessions.
  • Appointment a project manager throughout the execution period from start to finish.
  • Establishing close working relationships with customers with complete clarity in the presentation of what is actually achieved and the rate of progress in the project with solving the problems that appear without delaying.
  • Verify regularly the project requirements for completeness and consistency.
  • Holding an initial meeting with all Directors and managers who will be involved in the project.
  • Information Technology Integrated Systems Methodology includes the following ordered tasks and Services:
    • Task 1: Kick-off meeting between the organization and Information Technology Integrated Systems to discuss the action plan.
    • Reorganization of the company’s structure (downsizing) and employee empowerment.
    • Task 3: Assessing and analyzing of the actual needs of the the organization in terms of:
      • Company’s complexity of operations.
      • Customers/suppliers/manufacturing processes.
      • Human and financial resources.
      • Sales and Purchasing needs and demands.
      • Inventory management and optimization.
    • Task 4: “To Be” Designing the new processes including the following subtasks:
      • Selection of the strategic (added value) processes for redesign.
      • Simplify new processes – minimize steps – optimize efficiency – modeling.
      • Organize a team of employees for each process and assign a role for process coordinator.
      • Sales and Purchasing needs and demands.
      • Assign responsibilities and roles for each process.
    • Task 5: Formulation of the organization Business Process Reengineering Document.
    • Task 6: Conducting De-briefing meeting between the organization and ITIS for identification of the future Business Development Support required.
    • Task 7: Submitting of assignment Final document and sign off the project.
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